This business is full of cliches.

Let’s face it. Photography is full of clichés. It’s got more lines than a failing dealership. If you’re a photographer, at some point, you will go through them for yourself. It’s normal.

I’ve been shooting professionally for just over ten years and at this point, I’ve met (and been) every cliche in the book. The oldest one is that you meet folks whose passion it is to capture your spirit in your natural environment. Translation: I don’t have a studio, or lighting, so we’re going to take a bunch of pictures by a pretty window.

Fact: That might be a cliché, but if you don’t have lights and you’re trying to break into the business, that is just called being SMART. You go girl.

Take a look at the graph I’ve created. Consider what your strengths are: then work to build the counterparts. You only get to the middle by doing all three.

The bottom line is the only cliché you should ever worry about is the one where you learn something from every single job. When you stop having “AH-HA!” moments, then you are failing to challenge yourself. With that, you run the risk of being the worst cliché of all. A starving artist.