Kee-Rah, Brother Bird.

So this guy was stalking lizards (presumably) by the dumpster. Red Shouldered Hawks may be a rare-ish sight in Florida’s Winter months. They migrate south to South Mexico/Central America during this non-breeding period, then return as far north as the Great Lakes to get it on.


Red Shouldered Hawk

“Its rising, whistled kee-rah is a distinctive sound of the forest,” – All About Birds (linked quote)

Not to be confused with the similar Red-Tailed Hawk, the Red Shoulder apparently builds its nest with sticks in the main crotch of a tree and perches nearby. I happen to know from my work in #treebiz that a “main crotch” (heh heh) is identified by the first fork of a tree into its main branches. This may call for a little investigation, although their hunting ranges into the miles, my apartment here seems to have all features of a typical Red Shoulder habitat nearby: water, tall trees and brush.